Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah! Life!

You’re askin’ for a six??

Okay, lemme roll the dice.

Thanks girlie, Natty.... for all that advice.

If ya still jus’ ain’t convinced,

I don’t mind restatin’ on my lines.

Don’t u know?? A cat wearin’ gloves... baby, catches no mice!!!

Have more than I show.

Speakin’ less than I know.

But if I’m content with my soul,

Then I’ll never f***in’ grow.

I keep pullin’ pranks,

Ya shouldn’t be minding those.

Life is a winding road,

If I slip then I’m a toast!

Now, I ain’t the kinda guy who keeps spillin’ up his guts.

This world’s after my nuts!

I’m composed and I rebuff.

To cut a long story short…

I’ll say, “Life is a f***in’ slut.”

I’m up to my nose in shit.

I’ll better keep my mouth shut!!!!!!!


- George Anto....

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