Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well, it was the bull run
Now the phase is bearish.
Natty, if I take a break
I’m sure I’ll perish.
I told u I’m relaxed
Yo, I ain’t famished!
With rhymes I’m lavish.
Reclined and ravished!!
Goin’ to Africa?? What for?? to disappoint??
My sick f***in’ mind!! Why don’t u too come and join?
There won’t be power cuts in places like Zimbabwe.
I’m pretty much sure it’ll be better than Bombay.
Well, if u’re calling me an animal
Then wen! would take charge.
Rag u like hell. Leave you with thick scars.
In dazzling daylight you’ll see ‘em sparklin’ stars!
Think I’ve taken stuff too far
Everything’s soundin’ now bizarre….

- George Anto

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