Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orkut Rap 2

Well, it’s my pleasure to write of baby all good things.
You’re right, eh!
Me too bitten by this orkut’s sting.
Thought’s distinct.
I’m yelling baby on this brink.
Born to ink,
I got hey many rhymes to fling
Chimes to chink.
I can get you baby all in sync.
My instinct
Will force you go enthralled and pink.
Sprawl and think.
Anto can’t be scrawling jinx.
Time jus’ shrinks. Jus’ rip it if these lines jus’ stink.
I’m rollicking... striking every joint and nook.
Anoint my book.
These scraps are playing like a hook.
Fright and shook.
Are the faces I can look.
Not a crook.
You know I’m flowing like a brook.
Orkut’s good... a place where we cannot pretend.
We meet our friends
and end up meeting friends of friends.
Cent by cent
Anto baby blends the trend..
I'll have to end...cuz now i'm baby drenched in stench!

- George Anto

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