Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who the!!

Back on my desk, for me the day’s sick….
So gotta hit ‘em keys, yo I’m back to basics.
My workin’ place fixed,
Mind is all pissed!
Thoughts jus’ cocktailed… like I’m fulla shit!!!!

I keep stirrin' up shit...
This life is a bitch...
Think i should cool off...
Care a damn! jus' F*** it....

I see the day sail
My thoughts are derailed….
Now, all jus’ seems damned…
Like my mind is f***in’ jailed….
Well, u’re after my throat.
I’ve been makin’ these notes.
Won’t baby give up, your chance is remote
These fantasies float, with the shit that u gloat
Breathe easy baby, I’ll loll, I’ll repose.

- George Anto

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