Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orkut rap

All u pretty girls can come and sit in my shade
Y'all can blather, gossip, knit and hitch n parade.
As we blabber matter we spill tricks of the trade.
Cuz in my Royal Mansion ya'll find bricks of a grade.

Now, Anto a grenade, like Benedict I’m obeyed.
Like a Casanova yo I’m kissed n am praised.
When I start to rhyme, I jus' stick to my phrase.
Then I close ma eyes n reminisce my ol’ dayz.

We all have our ways. Y'all can join my brigade.
All the world is a stage. Every girl is a babe.
Anto's got the rage, with 'em words yo I play.
A potter with his clay on jus’ any fuckin’ day.

Now, what I wanna say with these rhymes on display
is yo people keep on scrapping, no-no way to evade.
The reason why I’m rapping, simple, join my crusade.
Cuz every day that’s passing you’re one step closer to your grave!!

- George Anto

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