Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Speed writing

Rapping’s all but technique

Open your mouth and stuff leaks.

What I speak is tongue in cheek.

Yeah and some cuss words baby.

Climbing up but there ain’t stairs.

Stuff is blurred but I would fare.

Once I’ve spilled then no repairs.

Masterpieces..... now can you dare?

To get mocked yo I’m not scared.

I’m gon’ sock and rip and tear.

I know my mob yo no one cares.

Jus’ live it dude… stroll in pairs.

Now I feel the blood rush.

Adrenaline flows, yo busts in gusts.

Myself is the dude I trust.

Can’t help it, eh... I’ve had enough!

- George Anto
14 Dec 2006

fast shit...

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