Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Parry & Prat

Well this has nothing to do on with the ‘Go to sleep’ track.
This is George Anto, jus’ penning on a slippery scrap.
Glittery Jack, you might be thinkin’, how do I know that?
Cuz it’s the strep-to-coc-cus story of our Parry and Prat.

Parry is spider man, every day he would be back.
You’re on attack Prat. Rubbing yoh back he’ll be biting yoh strap.
Stripping yoh slacks. Relax, then he’ll be biting your twat.
He’ll eat you out like baby you’re his heavenly snack.

Yo this is whack. There’s nothing in the world that he lacks.
He’s got the knack. You’ll be screamin’ while he’s screwin’, quack quack.
Making an impact. Yeah baby, He’ll be filling yoh crack.
Every leaf that you jus’ never shaved they would be intact.

Make on a pact. Hey baby jus’ insure up your patch.
It will pay you every penny any minute it’s scratched.
George Anto stays, jus’ plays, don’ baby ransack.
I’m yoh buddy baby and this is how the way that I pack.

- George Anto

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