Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A piece for Annie!

Ah-aaaticheee!!! Yo, I’m sneezin’ on my keys.

Now my fingers start to slip! O my God! Oh! Jeeez!!!

I’m writing flowery stuff for this lady called Annie.

I like her attitude, yo, she’s ma only rap buddy.

You mess around wit’ her, then you’re gone!!! She’s a villain.

When Annie gets in form she jus’ slaughters a million.

Are my words unappealin’? Care a damn! I’m not pinning.

When she does you guillotine, my stuff would sound familiar.

Playing tricks, Annie kicks, a-yo, she’z a real chick.

Annie pricks, doesn’t drip, she jus’ pours infinite.

I'm not writing much, yo, I f****n’ rip my technique.

Cuz rapping is jus' fun, we're the rap mechanix!

- George Anto
12 Nov 2006

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