Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bluechimp?? lolz

It’s okay..
We do it all day..
Nothin’ new to me..
Jus’ a game and we play..
Teamin’ with the best guyz, the best of all…
Only up’s no downs… and the graph would never fall..
Well, it's tp, that’s what I call it….
Jus’ scrap some line’s and pop some shit…
When I’m late to reply then I’m off from my desk…
I’ll drop off my best when my mind is at rest…
Jus’ the frenzy… immersed in this thing.
While I’m versin’ I’m pink….Ya’ll burst when I sing….
Notorious…. I’m the worst little imp…
Bluechip!! Did someone call me bluechimp??

- George Anto

1 comment:

  1. though i am no rap fan..i liked it :)...u have surely put in a lot of effort into this..kudos!!!